2024 CSAN Regional Qualifying Tournament

for the USASA National Amateur Cup

Amateur teams get the chance to play highly competitive games against teams from all over the country with the goal of being crowned National Champions.

To qualify for the National Finals, teams must win their respective regional competitions.

  • Eligible Players and Teams: Teams that have paid the $100 annual CSAN team fee and have registered all of their players on a regular annual player pass. Note: this includes Independent Teams that are not part of a regular league.
  • Tournament Costs:
    • $400 CSAN Tournament Fee.
    • $500 refundable performance bond.
  • Scheduling: For the preliminary round we will randomly pair teams within three geographic areas: the San Francisco Bay area; the Sacramento area: and the Visalia/Monterey area. Once we are down to one winner from each area, another random draw will be used to set up the final games and locations for games in subsequent rounds. The schedule will depend upon how many teams enter.
  • Final CSAN Winner: Will have the opportunity to participate in the USASA Region IV qualifying games on a weekend in June. There is no travel subsidy for this team to go to the Region IV qualifying games.  The location of the Region IV games is tentatively scheduled to be played in Las Vegas, dates and times to be determined.
  • Finals of the 2024 National Amateur Cup: The winner of the Region IV playoff games will advance to the 2024 USASA National Amateur finals and compete against the winners of the other three USASA Regions. The finals are being held July 25-28, 2024 in DeKalb, Illinois.

USASA will pay for round-trip airfare, hotel and site transportation for the Region IV winner. 

Visit the USASA 2024 National Amateur Cup website for more information

  • Awards: The tournament will feature men’s’ and women’s’ semifinal matches leading to the final, where they will vie for the Fritz Marth Cup and prestigious title of National Amateur Cup champion. The men’s champion receives a place in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup competition which includes both amateur and professional teams.
  • Deadline: The team registration deadline is March 29, 2024.
  • Contact CSAN at 415-467-1881 to register

Visit www.csan.net/tournaments/ for more information