Membership Benefits


Become a member league with the California Soccer Association and get access to a range of services designed to take the stress out of running your league. Our experienced team helps you set up, track and run your league, making sure that you’re able to support your players and teams as they enjoy the beautiful game.

Players & Team Registration

Worried about the logistics of managing multiple divisions, players and teams? CSAN makes processing and tracking player and team registrations easy. If all else fails, all you have to do is send them to our website and we will guide them through their official membership

Best Playing Experience

Affiliation with CSAN ensures that your players have the best possible experience on the field. Fully accredited referees ensure that all your players are safely equipped and enjoy a consistent soccer experience.

Insurance for All

We understand that one of the hardest things when running a league is protecting it’s organizers and members when something goes wrong.  All officially registered players are insured against injury and all member leagues are protected against liability every time they play an official game. All this is done automatically for you!

Voting Privileges

As a member league, your get to have your say on the future of California soccer. Every league has a vote on important matters that affect the soccer community across northern California. Your team will have the support of other member leagues and submit your own proposals on the best way forward for CSAN.


Competitive and Recreational Leagues

CSAN offers membership benefits to both competitive and recreational leagues. League members have access to a range of services and benefits, and our experienced team is available to help you build and grow your organization.

The main differences between competitive and recreational leagues:

  • Competitive Leagues
    • Eligible to participate in State, National and other competitive Cup tournaments
  • Recreational Leagues
    • Not eligible to participate in State Cup or National Cup play.


What are the minimum requirements for League membership?

  • Your league must have a minimum of six (6) individual teams.
  • Each team must have a minimum of eleven (11) players.
  • Not more than three (3) players from any existing affiliated team may go to a team in the new league without written permission of the existing affiliated team.


Does your league meet these requirements? Have any questions about how we might be able to help? Our team offers free advice:  Call (866) 404 2726, (415) 467 1881 or e mail:


How does the process work?

To apply for CSAN membership, you will need to submit the following:

  1. The name, address and zip code of the league;
  2. The names, addresses, zip codes and telephone numbers of all league officers;
  3. The names of member teams;
  4. The colors of the league, if any;
  5. A description of the league’s emblem, if any;
  6. A list of other athletic affiliations, if any.


Once your league has been approved by the CSAN board, you will be asked to serve a two-year probation period. Once you have completed this period your league will be a fully fledged voting member of CSAN.


Name For Fee Download
New League Initiation (one time) League PDF
Annual League Affiliation Form League PDF