CSAN offers Spanish language referee registration assistance

As some of you know, California North Referee Administration (CNRA) has, under pressure from the Referee Department of US Soccer, now switched to using the US Soccer “Digital Learning Center” for the purposes of referee registration in northern California.  This online training and registration system is:
  • New to all re-registering and first time registering referees;
  • Of medium difficulty from the perspective of online software;
  • Particularly difficult for native speakers of a language other than English who also do not have a lot of experience using the Internet.
   To help overcome these issues, CNRA has provided our office in San Francisco with several laptops that can be used in the office by referees and potential referees to work their way through the US Soccer Digital Learning Center to renew or get their referee license.  Rocio is herself a licensed referee and not familiar with the Digital Learning Center and its Internet interface.  She is willing to assist Spanish speaking referees with this process.
    If you know of any Spanish speaking Bay area referee or potential referee who wishes to renew or obtain a referee license, feel free to have them call and negotiate an appointment to see Rocio at the office.  (Rocio has volunteered to assist, but will want to fit it into her work and volunteer activities schedule.)